Name: Kiki
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Devoured in face
Portrayed by: Irina Voronina

Kiki is a Russian Doctor. When Chet fired the old Lifeguards and replaced them with strippers, Kiki is one of the many hired. She is portrayed by Irina Voronina.


Kiki is first seen when Chet takes Maddy into the adult pool place she is seen getting into the pool without clothes on where she swims to a float. Chet later tells her to get out so she can be seen on his camera implanted in the pool she tells him something Russian and acts angry but obeys and gets out of the pool. During the attack Chet goes to the adult pool, there Kiki, who is covered in blood, reaches up from the pool and grabs Chet and asks for help only he tells her to "Get off" and she is dragged down and her face is seen being eaten on his camera.


  • Irina jokingly said on her Twitter that maybe Kiki survived and just lost her legs.
  • Irina stated that it was Kiki who was bitten in the face.
  • The song playing when Kiki is seen is "Chemical Kings" by The One & Only's.
  • Kiki appears in the making of featurette credited as Oksana Brioche as Bikini Babe #1. (Source: Irina on Twitter).
  • Odessa is Irina's last name for Kiki.
  • Despite being a Lifeguard, Kiki is never seen as one and can only be seen in the pool.